Rediscover & Recover LLC was created for those who are trying to or currently living a drug & alcohol free life. We provide the resources you need to continue staying sober. This includes self-improvement worksheets and freebies, coaching services, personal articles written by the founder, education about different recovery resources, an alcohol-free corner, an app coming to market this year, and much more.

We are a small business based out of Upstate New York and it is our goal to help you rediscover your new sober-self. You don’t have to be alone in this journey. All of our resources will guide you to a new life. If you do the work, you will be able to lay a solid foundation to building the life you want.

About The Founder

Hey there!

My name is Hannah Dordick and I have been in a loving relationship with sobriety for over 7 years. I took my struggles of addiction and created a whole new life for myself. Instead of following the "normal" path of recovery, I decided to create my own. As a sobriety expert and mental health advocate, I speak from the heart and without fluff. I now help womxn in drug addiction recovery rebuild their lives and connection with themselves.

*Please make the subject title clear when sending us an email: rediscoverandrecover@gmail.com